Born and raised in the Mitten State. I wish I could say I love all four seasons, but let's face it, winters are too cold and long. I’m meant to be living in the south and will in a couple of years.

Married to Dan since 2/8/2006- Mom to Hannah (26), Cayden (16), and Carsen (12). Grandma to Brenton (2).
My older son attends an Aviation High School and has wanted to be a pilot since he was 4 and is so close now! My younger son plays on a Select travel soccer team and recently found his love for fishing after they both caught sharks in the Florida Keys.

I'm surrounded by "all things boy" daily. I was ready to have something just for me so I started a small business and have found my passion! I was previously a preschool teacher for 9 years.

My husband is the biggest supporter of my new ideas and even goes to crafts stores with me! I discovered a new, fun hobby/creative outlet that lets me stay in touch with being a girl so I'm rolling with it.

A few things I love: Sunshine, Pools, Palm Trees, Dolphins, Dark Chocolate, The Gulf Coast, Traveling, HGTV, Country Music, and Tacos.

Quirky facts: Cleaning is my favorite! I’m extremely organized. All my home decor needs to match. I’ve seen every episode of King of Queens and Three’s Company at least 6+ times. I’ve never been late for anything, ever!

It started with headbands 4 1/2 years ago and now it's also shirts,
tumblers, and hats!

After building a house, I needed to get back to the routine and calm. We are settled in and I've carved out some time again to do things I love.

Self-care is really important!

I work hard at finding new fabric prints for headbands, shirts ideas, and cute tumbler designs, and just have so much fun creating all the cute